Cardiff University Green Party

The Green Party believes in more than just saving trees. We tackle the urgent issues surrounding economics, supporting investment and job creation instead of harmful austerity measures. We campaign on human rights, transport and a living wage for all. We campaign on democracy, supporting proportional representation and localisation. We believe that every vote should count. We campaign on health, questioning NHS reforms and supporting healthier, local foods. We discuss and act on virtually everything that affects our future.

Here in Cardiff, our students have done great work on local and national levels as well as have fun in the process. During the last two years we have:

*Hosted events such as guest lectures, including a visit by Noam Chomsky which sold 2000 tickets and attracted intense media attraction. Other guests include Prof David Nutt, former MP Jenny Tonge and Pippa Bartolotti!

*Helped run campaigns such as getting the student’s union to stop investing in the arms trade and other unethical companies. We have also helped our members in student union elections, getting elected to student council and beyond!

*Travelled to London for Young Greens Convention and welcomed Young Greens here in Cardiff for a weekend of Green Party Conference. Our members have met and spoken to Caroline Lucas and had dinner with the deputy leader, Adrian Ramsay!

*Enabled our members to volunteer and get free entry to some of the largest music festivals over the summer, including Glastonbury, Leeds and Latitude!

At the end of the last academic year, we received the ‘Student Achievement Award’ from Cardiff Student’s Union – one of the most prestigious awards on offer.

To find out more about our latest achievements and to see what we have planned next, why not join our society for just £1. You’ll get access to everything. But if you’re still not sure then find us on Facebook, send us an email or just turn up to one of our events, whether you’re a paid up member or not. We’ll give you a taster session for free!

Hope to see you soon,

Jack Parker & Sian Howson
Male and Female Co-Chairs